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Welcome to Eminent Hats

Eminent Hats was found in 1998, is one of the largest manufacturers of headwear in China, also a fast growing company in the current field.

Our company has a total of more than 350 employees, more than 8,000 square meters production area, with an yearly capacity of 5 million headwear products of all kinds. We produce sports caps, straw hats, felt hats, knitted hats, scarves, gloves, beach bags, beach towels, beach Cover Ups, and more.

EMINENT HATS has passed audits including ISO, SEDEX, BSCI, ICS, SGS, etc. to ensure that its products and services comply with market standards.

As a professional headwear designer and manufacturer, relying on exquisite technology, advanced equipments, strict management, stable product quality, fast delivery support, exquisite production process, competitive price, guaranteed delivery time and thoughtful service, we have won the trust and praise of global customers.

Our products are exported to over 30 countries and regions, mainly to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

Human Oriented

EMINENT HATS regards employees as the greatest wealth of the enterprise. We are not only committed to producing the highest quality products, but also to providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment, emphasize solicitude to employees.

Since its establishment, EMINENT HATS has always advocated for a "healthy and prosperous life", emphasizing the balance between work and life, providing sustainable development space and opportunities for employees, and encouraging them to grow together with the company; Advocate for simple interpersonal relationships and strive to create a work atmosphere that fully leverages employees' talents.

We continuously update and improve our welfare system and programs for our employees, so as to increase the cohesion of our employees, gain competitive advantages in talent, promote the enhancement of our core competencies, and ultimately achieve our strategic goals.

Social Responsiblity

EMINENT HATS adheres to the principle of "Green Development and Sustainable Operation". We strictly abide by various environmental laws and regulations issued by the state, and instill clean production and green production into the subconscious of every employee, take responsibility for protecting the environment through practical actions.

In order to protect the environment, we use eco-friendly materials and processes during production, actively adopting green and environmentally friendly production methods, such as rational utilization of resources, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of pollutant emissions, and noise control, so as to reduce environmental pollution and resource waste.

Our company invites professional environmental monitoring institutions to monitor the emissions of enterprise every year in accordance with regulations, to timely understand and grasp the impact of enterprise's own emissions on the environment, prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution problems, and provide support for sustainable development, helping enterprise achieve environmental protection and sustainable development goals, and establish a good image of corporate social responsibility.

Repay the society with love

In addition to its own development, EMINENT HATS never forgets its social responsibilities. We actively contribute to social welfare undertakings, regularly donating materials and funds to charitable organizations and public welfare institutions to help those in need. We also encourage our employees to actively participate in public welfare activities and community volunteer services, and cultivate their sense of social responsibility and public welfare awareness.

We vigorously support the government's poverty alleviation, education and disaster relief efforts. Since 2000, we have donated millions of dollars to society.

EMINENT HATS keeps striving to become a company that is welcomed by customers, employees, partners, and respected by society through a standardized and transparent corporate culture and a stable and focused development model.

We warmly welcome all friends from the world to discuss cooperation.